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Marlboro Orchards Townhome Composition

Built in approximately 1987, the Marlboro Orchards Townhomes sit on 38.894 acres. The Association's operation is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of 5 members elected for two year terms. There are eight streets and one oversized parking area in the Marlboro Orchards housing development. The development is bordered by Ryan Road and Robertsville Rd. in Marlboro, New Jersey.

The development consists of 182 units. All units are either two or three bedroom units. Most units have a garage. However, due to placement of some the units relative to the streets sometimes this was not practical. There are 42 units without a garage. In the situations where the unit does not have a garage, the space which would have been used for a garage has been made into an "extra" room.

An easy way to tell how many bedrooms are in a condo is to look at the front of the house. The two bedroom units have a roof over the garage [or space where there garage normally is] - the three bedroom units have a room over the garage space.

Of the 182 available units, 35 of them are rentals and the rest of owner occupied (according to a 2010 count).

Additionally, the development maintains several recreation features for resident use. Most noted among the recreation features is a large pool, two tennis courts, a wonderful 'tot-lot' playground with a picnic table, basket ball court, and various gymnastic stops located along the perimeter of the development.

For purposes to do a search of tax records or to do a title search, you need to know that the Marlboro Orchards Townhomes are located in block 396, lot 1 of Marlboro Township.

The following is a break-down of the streets in the development:

  • Apple Blossom Lane: This is an entrance road. No units are located on this street. This street connects Plum Drive and Ryan Road.
  • Belil Drive: This street is a connector street and links the development to Robertsville Road. This street also connects to Orange Drive and Tangerine Lane [Tangerine Drive]. The Tennis courts and Pool can be seen at the end of Belil Drive [but offer no access]. There are no units on Belil Drive.
  • Orange Drive: Orange Drive is a large circle. It only connects in to Belil Drive via Orange Lane. There are 46 units located on Orange Drive
  • Orange Lane: Orange Lane is a connector street about 50 feet long. It connects Belil Drive to Orange Drive. There are no units located on Orange Lane
  • Pear Drive: Pear Drive is connected on both sides by Tangerine Drive. It is a short street. There are 24 units on Pear Drive.
  • Plum Drive: This road is in the shape of a sideways "Q" and loops in on itself. It also connects Apple Blossom Lane and Tangerine Drive. There are 52 units on Plum Drive.
  • Tangerine Drive: Tangerine Drive is in the shape of a sideways "P" and also loops in on itself. It connects with Plum, Pear and Tangerine Ln [Belil Drive]. There are 56 units on Tangerine Drive. The pool, playground and Tennis courts are located on and accessable through Tangerine Drive.
  • Tangerine Lane: This street is a connector street and connects Tangerine Drive to Belil Drive. It is about 50 feet long. There are no units on Tangerine Lane.
  • Parking Area: There is an oversized parking area located off Robertsville Road between Belil Road and Ryan Road. This is used for parking of oversized vehicles which can not comfortably be parked in the street or driveways in the Marlboro Orchards. This place is only for personal vehicles not business trucks, RV's, pop-ups, boats, jet-ski, sailboat, snowmobile, etc...

The pool, tennis courts and tot-lot playground are boardered by Tangerine Lane, the end of Belil Drive and Tangerine Drive. Access to the pool is only available via the entrance on the Tangerine Drive walkway. The pool area has a bathroom which is only open during pool hours.. The tennis courts and tot-lot are located behind the pool and access is also only available by the walkway from Tangerine Drive.

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